Saturday, April 9, 2016


Tomorrow (April 10)  will mark day 12 of my Uncle's vanishing in Alabama, his wife was laid to rest only 6months ago so you can imagine how difficult this is for their 5 grown children. Tomorrow will also be a time of prayer together with my family and friends. I'm asking that you would find it in your heart to take just a minute to pray for William Densmores return. He's now 81 years old as he had a birthday last week.  So please set your watch, phone, I Pads or whatever you have and join us at 1pm tomorrow to pray for his return. There have been no leads whatsoever...thank you󾬏

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I'm posting this on my blog hoping you will share as there are viewers here from all over the world so I'm sending this notice out hoping anyone can help.  SO PLEASE SHARE!

This is my Uncle, William Densmore Jr, age 80. He has been missing since approximately 9:30 yesterday morning (Tuesday March 29th). He doesn't have any illnesses that would cause him to just wonder off with someone, he is very much in his right mind.  He was last seen on the 1200 block of grant Avenue, Gadsden Ala talking to a couple of men. He is 6'2, 235 pounds. He was wearing a camouflage jacket, with a cap, driving a 1989 baby blue four door jaguar. It has a rusted hood, and a gas cap that stands slightly up on the trunk. Alabama tag 6W7L4 with handicapped symbol. If you see this car, or him please call the police. Thank you so much.