Friday, April 10, 2015

God is Good When?.....ALL THE TIME!

Sorry it's been a minute since I've posted but just wanted to say I love this couple. Mr and Mrs Booker. God has allowed them in old age to remain in their home and has provided many loving people to come in during the week and help take care of them both. 

It's so important to have people you can depend on when you get this age and that won't take advantage of you. I was a CNA years ago and witness too many seniors being taken advantage of, neglected or just being mistreated which is why I got out and went into private home care really quick!

Mrs Booker said that when she was younger one of her prayers was to be able to stay in her own home when she became too old to care for herself and her husband the way she normally would and somehow be able to have people come to her home and help care for them. Well, that's exactly what she got and she is so thankful. 

It's important as you get older to be in surroundings that are familiar. And that's my prayer as well, I never want to have to be placed in a home where you're forgotten.

People should realize that just because you get old doesn't mean you stop being human. And that's the saddest part I witnessed working in Nursing Homes where residents where just dropped off and forgotten. Don't allow that to happen to your loved one.

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