Friday, July 25, 2014

Cooling Off On A Hot Day!

 This is one of my clients. After returning from her Docs appointment we stopped off at " Rizutos Ice Cream parlor...That's my child in the back having her "second" helping :-). But check them out here: " I'd never heard of the place until my child returned from a field trip there today. Talk about GIANT cones?! The one Ms Rosie has is a "Small"... Believe it or not and under $2! She really enjoyed this cone, she says " I haven't has a cone in years"! She finished every last bit too😅. When she got home she attempted to fed some to her cat

Look at that whopper of a cone!

At Home.

This was taken right after she tried to get the cat to lick her cone! She loves that cat, he's such a sweety.

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